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Cider and Basil

Dog Bath Bombs - Oatmeal & Lavender



Oatmeal & Lavender Dog Bath Bombs 

With a blend of Oatmeal & Lavender, this luxurious dog bath bomb delivers exceptional hydrating and soothing benefits to your dog’s skin and fur coat. Lavender promotes a relaxing atmosphere and contains powerful antioxidants that fight against the harmful effects of pollutants. Enriched with oatmeal that softens, moisturises and detoxifies the skin whilst being a great skin protectant. This is a perfect blend for relaxing, hydrating and soothing.

Relax . Hydrate . Soothe

Natural. Handmade in Australia. 90g


Avoid eye and ear areas

Be careful when the dog is entering and leaving the bath as the bath bombs can leave the bath slightly slippery.

Note that some dogs may have sensitive skin, we suggest doing a small patch test on the skin prior to use.