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Bath Bombs

“Natural goodness packed into a bath bomb”

Whether it is kick-starting your morning or refreshing yourself after a long day, our natural bath bombs are designed to create a relaxing spa environment in your own home to help you relax, indulge and enjoy. 

Our Bath Bombs are handmade with 100% green, natural and clean ingredients. 

Each luxurious bath bomb contains a blend of extra virgin olive oil, essential oils, epsom salts, clay and dried organic botanicals. The Perfect blend to nourish the skin, relax the muscles and promote physical and spiritual well-being. 

Start the bath and immerse yourself in the luxurious relaxation experience.

Available in three scents; Lemon Myrtle & Oatmeal, Rose Geranium & Olive Oil and Peppermint & White Clay. 

Natural. Handmade in Australia. 90g 

Free from parabens, SLS, phthalates and artificial fragrances or colours. 


Please research essential oils prior to purchase if pregnant. 

Note that some people may have sensitive skin, we suggest doing a small patch test on the skin prior to use. 

Please do not continue to use if redness or allergic reactions occur. 

Be careful when entering your bath as the bombs can leave your bath a little slippery.