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Dog Bath Bombs

Every dog has its own bad day and our natural dog bath bombs are designed to create a relaxing and moisturising bath for them to unwind and relax in. Leaving their skin soft and nourished and their fur hydrated, it's like a 2-in-1 bath and conditioning.

Our Dog Bath Bombs are handmade with 100% green, natural and clean ingredients. 

Offering two luxurious bath bomb scents, the dogs are spoilt with Oatmeal & Tangerine bath bombs and Coconut Milk & Lavender bath bombs. Both are specially curated to nourish skin, hydrate fur and relax tired muscles after a day of “hardwork”. 

Natural. Handmade in Australia. 90g


Avoid eye and ear areas

Be careful when the dog is entering and leaving the bath as the truffles can leave the bath slightly slippery.

Note that some dogs may have sensitive skin, we suggest doing a small patch test on the skin prior to use.