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It all started with a dog named Cider who lived with Lorraine Henrietta in an apartment in St Kilda. Now Cider was not your average white-fluffy apartment dog and Henrietta was certainly not your average dog owner.  While Cider is as white and fluffy as the froth on your afternoon pint, she also weighs a whopping 56kg and is a Maremma. You know,  like the dog from the film "Oddball". Henrietta worked tirelessly to train the beast and everything was going brilliantly except she just could not find a grooming product that Cider didn't react to. We're talking red, hot welts! Poor baby! So, as you do, Henrietta took it upon herself to create the ultimate natural, cleansing 'dog wash' around. She sourced the best, most natural, ethical and sustainable ingredients she could get her hands on. And, to her amazement and relief - no more reactions. She was left with a delicious smelling, silky soft, 56kg 'lap dog'.

After speaking to more and more people at Melbourne's dog parks, she heard that this was actually a really common problem. (One of these chats even led her to meeting her now partner Tim and his Italian Greyhound - which is a whole other romantic 101 Dalmatian like story!) She started making small batches for her doggy friends and suddenly the requests started flooding in. Turns out everyone wanted to do the best by their pup too. Thus Cider & Basil the Australian Lifestyle Brand for dogs and their humans was born (or whelped as it were)!

From the original 'dog shampoo' to healthy and sustainable dog treats, quirky candles and even 'human wash' these are products that are truly for people who call themselves dog lovers rather than just dog owners. So, if your dog is your family - then you are 'Cider & Basil' people. We're so excited to hear how much you love it! 

Good girl! 


Our Dog-trine.

Cider is a Maremma. Her focus in life is to protect and care for those that she loves. We're inspired by that same focus. 

We want to take care of our dogs and their people, so we only use high quality, eco-friendly, natural and, where possible, organic ingredients inside our products. The results is a luxurious range of dog grooming and dog friendly products that are made in Australia without any nasty or harsh chemicals.

The proof is in the petting - your dog's coat has never felt this silky, it's skin has never been this calm and your house has never smelt this good.