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The Isolation Dog Treat Box

The Isolation Dog Treat Box

Our dog's life is going to be ruff and we are here to make dog treating become easy.

Introducing "The Isolation Dog Survival Kit". A Box full of all-natural surprises to treat our dogs with.

The Kit includes a recipe card for treat filling ideas, a range of natural dehydrated treats from our local farmers and a treat from our "Mix it, Fill it, Reward " range which encourages owners to fill it with things their dogs love or try out our recipe card.

Small Dog Kit

1x Goat Horn (S)

3x Duck Jerky Strips

2x Fish Sticks

1x Roasted Vegetable & Berries Antioxidant Stick

50g Kangaroo & Roasted Sweet Potato Training treats

25g Kangaroo Jerky

+ Recipe Card

Medium - Large Dog Kit

1x Beef Trachea Tube

1x Cow Hooves

1x Goat horn 

1x Pig Ears

1x Beef Tendon

1x Fish stick

80g of Roo Ribs

+ Recipe Card

From farm to box, we support our local farmers and every item in the box is sourced locally. Because your dog deserves the best.

DISCLAIMER: When feeding your dogs with the treats, they must only be given under direct supervision. Especially for the harder treats.