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Deer Antlers Dog Treat

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Deer Antlers Dog Treat 

Natural Deer Antlers

Natural Chew from a sustainable source. 

Natural 100% Deer Antler. Assists in the maintenance of good dental hygiene. Nutrients in these natural dog chew includes glucosamine, phosphorous and chondroitin. Healthy long-lasting chew. Antlers are made up of a bone like material with a softer honeycomb center that’s similar to marrow.  

Never imported. Never hunted. These naturally shed deer antlers come from a sustainable deer source. Male deer grow these antlers every year and shed them around breeding season. 

Safe and do not splinter like bones, Good for oral health. Virtually odourless and do not leave a sticky residue on your carpets of flooring. 

Good for oral health

Long-lasting & odourless 

Great source of nutrients Glucosamine, Phosphorous & Chondroitin

Available in 3 sizes: 

Small (<95g), Medium (95-160g), Large (>160g).