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Cider and Basil

Dog-Friendly Lychee & Pink Peony Soy Candle


 Lychee & Pink Peony Soy Candle

To refresh, to enjoy, or simply to bask in the sweet floral bouquet.

This charming sweet and floral scented candle is bursting with top notes of lychee & raspberry, middle notes of the sweet-scented pink peonies & peach nectar before settling to an earthy base of rosewood. Perfect for the everyday use, dinner parties and weekends!

Top notes: Raspberry, Lychee Fruit

Middle notes: Peony Petals, Peach Nectar

Base notes: Rosewood, Jasmine, Leaf Green


240g I Burning time 35-40 hours

Allergen Free I Clean Burning I Vegan Friendly